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ausralia escort

Unfortunately quality and quantity do not always go together. We believe that if you’re after the highest quality ladies available the mental image of them being with 8 different men a day is not what you’re after. Our escorts are not in that category, they are here to meet your needs and provide a happiness you have always dreamed of.

Our lady’s online service high-end Australia and a 10k booking will get you one day with one of our lady’s.

We limit how many ladies we have on offer and only work with the utmost elite women in the country. Our escorts have undergone training and are suitable to the most glamorous meetings, functions the world has to offer.

All of our girls have undergone strict training from Misstress Tara who is no longer available but has and is considered the highest quality escort in recent times that the world has ever had. We believe sex Australia has a lot more to offer thanks to our services

We believe in discretion and understand the needs to keep things quiet and low key. Our ladies only operate in Sydney. But are available for interstate trips and overseas holidays. We insist our girls are flown, first class. As they are the best Australian sex workers available.

Elite Escorts


Escorts are not all the same and some should deserve to be paid more. No other escort company in the world has there women as highly trained as us. Whatever your desire or fantasy an escort from our company wants to be there,  is we have the means of making it become a reality. Seriously think about visiting a sex shop before visiting one of our amazing women.

We do not service everybody, however, our lady’s are open to the high end of Australia and nothing less.

Can you have one of our lady’s?

Can you afford one of our lady’s?

We are not a service for everybody, but we guarantee the most exciting experience a man or woman can have our girls are simply the Elite Escorts of Australia.

An escort is someone who is paid to keep you company in whatever way you choose we do it all. You will be amazed at what such a high-class woman will do for you in Sydney Australia.

Sydney or Overseas bookings

If you are not located in Sydney that is fine to have one of our lovely lady’s travel to you is an extra 10k$ nonnegotiable. Our women are worth it and so are you. In life, we often seek what makes us happy. Yes having one of the sexiest women in the country under your belt definitely makes any human happy. It is an experience you will never forget. We take upfront payment in full and guarantee the type of service wherein if our ladies are late by more than 10 minutes you get your next visit free. We service only the elite of Sydney and understand professionalism and courtesy.z Australian owned and proud. An escort will arrive at your place or meet you at a mutually agreed Australian location. If you are unable to book a session we highly recommend Us-Review webcam girls. These amazing women will not let you down.