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Elite Means Elite

All our girls are fully and totally elite, this means you are getting exactly what you are paying for so when we say elite it means elite. We are a no BS organisation and are genuinly here to help service the elite of Sydney and the elite of Australia. We truely believe our girls are of the highest quality therefore should enjoy the rewards. Quality has never been cheap. Nore do we believe you want a cheap woman.

We do everything high class from sex to taking your bookings we are here to help however we can.

We are totally dedicated to serving your needs and wants.

We are an organisation that believes in being extremely discrete and well mannered. Our dedication tou your user experience is second to none we are here to service your needs 24/7. If you have ever tried a service that has been expensive and you were not satisfied our service will make you go insane with pleasure.

Why Take the Gamble with other Escort Services?

Some escort services are amazing and some are average we believe in high quality, a high quality it is all we do. We love to have all your needs and wants a meeting in one place. We guarantee the best user experience in the market and are happy to provide a guarantee of pleasure to all our clients. We love hearing your feedback and would love to know of your story and experience no matter what we are here to help and service your needs however possible.

To access our amazing sex services do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly in-house operators. They will always be available to answer any questions you may have. Belonging to our organization is a great accomplishment and our girls are constantly evolving and finer women are coming to work for our organization.

Our 10k Rule

Our 10k rule is simple we accept no appointments for under $10k